Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course we do, we will survey your home and also make sure one of our bespoke stairlifts will be fit for purpose, we will leave you a written quotation with all details for you to decide if a stairlift is the right option for you.
We 100% guarantee that you will not be pressurised into buying something that is not suitable and will even give you 14 days trial period to ensure you are happy with your decision.
Our manufacturers are not only British but also the worlds leading stairlift company who have developed a slim and discrete track with blending in with most modern homes and won’t stick out like a sore thumb.
Yeah we’ve heard that a few times! The good news is we are generally living longer and therefore it’s a good idea to be safer, a stairlift won’t make you live longer but will enable you to stay in the home you have maybe lived in for many years and will mean no upheaval or expensive moving costs!
Your lift will be slimline and whisper quiet and you won’t go flying through the roof as in Gremlins :o)
Yes again this is something we all do….it’s called independence (also know as stubborn) Sleeping downstairs with a commode is not something any of us should live with ! So yes we will help asap, just give us a call and an advisor will arrange a convent time to suit you and maybe a member of your family?
We can arrange stairlifts next day as our name implies, but we must survey and an accurate installation day will be arrange to suit you, some installations can take a few days more but be assured that we will be very quick.
No damage, no alterations should be required but once again it’s best that a qualified stairlift surveyor assesses your home, as every home is slightly different.
We can do better than that! Every installation carried out by our British manufacturer qualified and fully trained engineer will have a two week trial period from the time of installation, just to make sure the stairlift is 100% perfect for you, if not, a no quibble removal will take place.
We have chosen the best partner manufacturer who offer 24/7 365 days per year engineer based UK centre who deal with any query at anytime day or night.
It’s up to you, we recommend a service annually and also offer various options to suit your requirements but our lifts are very reliable and like all service contracts are great if you need them!

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