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Whatever the Requirements

Man sitting on a curved stairlift at the bottom of the stairs, the stairlift is fixed to the stairs not the bannister or the wall

Curved Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts are tailor-made to fit each individual staircase. The rails can be manufactured to go around simple, two-dimensional bends or more complicated, three dimensional bends, including spiral staircases.
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Man sitting on a straight stairlift at the bottom of the stairs

Straight Stairlifts

A straight set of stairs is easy to identify and fitting a straight stairlift is a fairly simple affair, providing you choose a company who know what they’re doing!
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Outdoor stairlift fixed to the concrete steps in the garden

Outdoor Starlifts

If you’re finding it difficult to negotiate a steep drive or would simply like access to your beloved garden, then an Outdoor Lift is the perfct solution.
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